Nov 3, 2009

Okay, now what?

I was all set to run yesterday but when the time came, well, it wasn't there. But no problem, I just decided to do a weightlifting workout instead. That is one thing I'm going to add to my workout regimen, weights. Didn't want to overdo it yesterday, just tried out some of the machines, did some light leg work and some for the core too. That's what is getting me today, the core.

So, in addition to the weights, what am I going to do? I was all set continue the long runs, MP runs and add in some speed work but now I'm second guessing that. My goal is to do a marathon a month next year and if I'm going to accomplish that I think I'll need a bigger aerobic base. That means miles and lots of them. So I think that's what I'll do; slow it down and pound them out. I'm going to pick up a couple workouts per week too, up to five or so. Perhaps I'll even get back to my all time high weekly mileage of 70-80 miles. Well, maybe not. But I do have lots of time to build up and peak for a couple key marathons next year so I'll start back at the beginning, laying the foundation.

I started that today with a nice 10 mile run. Felt good, laboring towards the end because of the hills and wind. I guess I didn't overdo it with the weights because my legs felt good. Still not 100% recovered but it's coming. And you know what? I don't need to be recovered yet, just need to get in the miles.

All in: 10 miles at 8:14 pace.


Meg Runs said...

Wow, it's nice that you've come back so strong! Thanks for the reminder on the core...I have a neglected core!

lindsay said...

i know i couldn't jump right back in to (about) where i was with marathon training, but i am a little burnt out. (i'll admit it now that marathon training is over, but i refused to a couple weeks ago!)

i think a change of pace will be good - maybe focus on some shorter interval workouts instead of the longer, tempo-ish runs?

Beth said...

That's great that you got 10 miles in so soon after your marathon. I can't wait to hear all about your challenge of running a marathon a month. What a fun idea!

Tony said...

So I'm curious what's the first Jan. 2010 Marathon?