Nov 14, 2009

Return to Stretching

I'm kind of liking my new workout routine. The running is pretty much the same although I'm adding a weekly speed workout. Hopefully I can find some others to join me in that. Also I'm adding some weightlifting and...wait for it...stretching. Never really been much of a stretcher, mostly because I've always been pretty flexible anyway. Also I used the studies that say stretching lengthens ligaments, tendons and muscles and decreases their ability to spring back, therefore decreasing running speed as justification for not stretching. Now of course I'm reading about the injury prevention benefits and that the decrease in range of motion caused by inflexibility also causes a decrease in running speed. So a little bit of stretching for me. How little? Well I've read that as little as 30 seconds a day can increase your flexibility for up to six weeks. After that maybe I'll go wild and bump it up to 45 seconds a day.

The weightlifting is nice because it is such a short workout. I can get it all done in about 45 minutes which is easy compared to running for twice that long. I do have to watch myself a bit though because last Monday I pushed a little too hard and had to bag my run on Tuesday. Way too sore. Oh well, I'm gradually building it up.

Running? Oh yeah, I did a little bit of that this week too.

All in: Wednesday: 12.8 miles @ 8:20
Thursday: 6.55 @ 7:47; 4x800 in 3:12, 3:08, 3:04 and 2:58
Saturday: 10.71 @ 8:16


Meg Runs said...

I really need to get some weight lifting into my routine, it doesn't take too long but I always over look like kind of training...yet I know it's good for me! Good job on your runs, you're back!

Glenn Jones said...

I try to add some basic stretching a couple times a week (quads, hip flexors, lower back, etc.). But, I know not about this thing you call "speed" to begin with. All I know is if I stretch after running a couple times a week, I seem to be much less sore after running.

AZ said...

Yes, Glenn well speed is relative I think. I know you've got some of that in you. I've seen some of your splits.

Tony said...

I learned the importance of stretching from my years in Martial Arts. I agree with the weight lifting I've been doing a lot more lately and my legs have been killing me. I'm trying to make sure that my leg workouts don't interfere with my running. It's tough.