Nov 18, 2009

What a difference a day makes (or two)

On Monday I got out for a 16 miler (okay, Mr. Garmin said 15.81 but since my goal was 15 I'm happy) which is what my long runs consist of these days and I don't mind saying it kicked my @$$. Don't know why. The first half was about 8:10's but the second half was closer to 8:40's; putting me at 8:23 for the whole thing which is okay. The real bad part was how tired and sore I felt later in the day and yesterday. I'm only a few weeks out from marathon training and already 16 miles puts me on my butt? How sad.

I did get in my lifting yesterday with some success but I was worried about running today. I just didn't want to get out and have it be a chore and not enjoyable. Maybe that's why I procrastinated an extra hour or so. Anyway, my run today turned out to be pretty good. It was only 10 so I didn't have to push those extra 6 (5.81) miles but I did it at an 8:09 pace and ran negative splits by over 30 seconds. That is especially noteworthy since the first half is significantly downhill and then uphill coming home. Not sure why I ran well but I think it has something to do with nutrition as I did eat a Baconator last night. I think bacon is the new spinach.

All in: Monday 16 (15.81) at 8:23
Wednesday 10 at 8:09


Beth said...

Bacon is the new spinach... that is hilarious. I think I may have to needlepoint that on a pillow or something. Maybe I could run like you if I just ate more bacon. I think it is worth a try! Great job on your runs. Your ability to run so many miles at such a fast pace is inspiring!

Meg Runs said...

Bacon, yes, the new spinach!! Great run, it feels great to have it done, doesn't it? Great job on a ten miler too...I've been so lazy this week!

lindsay said...

i need to get out for a semi-long run soon before i lose double-digit mile fitness altogether!! oh how fast it slips away :(

nice job on the 16 and negatively split 10 (on hills!).

Tony said...

I love bacon. I'm definitely going to use that line "Bacon is the new spinach". Hit that foam roller to knock some of that muscle soreness out.