Nov 7, 2009

Stretching? Nah...

Well, I was going to blog a little about stretching, but like stretching itself I'll put that off to another day. Since I've had some comments on my stated goal of a marathon a month for 2010, I'll talk about that instead.

So that's my goal, to do one marathon each month. I'm not optimistic about it getting done, in fact I put the odds at maybe 50%. There are two main areas that will cause problems: a) my abilities to avoid injury and burn out and b) logistics/expense. To avoid injuries I'm just going to try to build a large aerobic base and back off when I have to. To avoid burn out: ??? As for the logistics/expense, well, I'm lucky enough to be married to a woman who worked for Northwest Airlines long enough for us to have flight benefits. Free flights! But (there's always a but) they are standby only so if I'm signed up for a marathon and there are no open flights for me to get there, I'm SOL. That definitely can help with the expense but hotels, cars and race fees will add up. As far as logistics, well, the flights are a potential problem but being gone one weekend a month could be an issue too. Won't know about that until it happens.

Right now I have the first part of the year planned out although I haven't signed up for any races yet. Here is the plan:

January: Mississippi Blues Marathon, Jackson, MS or First Light Marathon, Mobile, AL
February: Mercedes Marathon, Birmingham, AL or Last Chance For Boston, Columbus, OH
(also possiblish: Sedona Marathon, Sedona, AZ and New Orleans Mardi Gras Marathon, a Rock n Roll event)
March: Little Rock Marathon, Little Rock AR (all about the bling)
April: Oklahoma City Marathon, Oklahoma City, OK
May: Green Bay Marathon, Green Bay, WI
Summer: a marathon in Alaska
Fall and Winter: ???

Any input/insight/recommendation is welcome and appreciated.

This week I seem to be recovering pretty well. In addition to my 10 mile run on Tuesday I ran the same route on Thursday only a couple minutes faster thanks to pushing the hills the last 3 miles. Remind me not to do that again. This morning I ran with a new group of people that a friend recommended to me. We met at a local running store, a group of about 10-12 with various distances and abilities. One had qualified for Boston, a few more were trying, one was training for an iron distance triathlon and a couple were just getting back into it. I did 10 as I was planning but then the woman training for the IM wanted to do 10 more minutes so another guy and I jumped in. Ended up going 11.76 and yes, we went longer than 10 minutes. Ever notice when you run with a group the pace only gets faster? People always want to keep up but nobody ever wants to be the one to fall behind so the ebbs and flows of a run end up just getting faster and faster. Good training if that's what you are looking for.

All in: Thurs 10 @ 8:04 and Sat 11.76 @ 8:04.


Tony said...

I used to travel a lot all over the country. A little help with hotels in this case would be try to stay at the same chain of hotels like a holiday inn. Get yourself a membership card for free and add up points. By the end of the year you should add up enough points to get a few free hotel stays. I have enough points built up for about 15 nights at Holiday Inns. Just a thought.

Meg Runs said...

You are ambitious and brave!! Have you ever seen the marathon maniacs website?? Check it out!

lindsay said...

An ambitious goal, but a very cool one! I have thought about this as well but don't know if it will
ever come to fruition. Glad recovery is going well still!

AZ said...

Good point about the hotels. Although if a specific hotel offers an airport/marathon shuttle I might do that if it gets me out of renting a car.

Jason said...

Well I definitely understand the logistics problem but it does sound like a pretty neat goal. check out my giveaway at

Beth said...

You are recovering so well from your race. That is great! Planning your races is so much fun. I know what you mean about the expenses... we had free airfare to Florida for Ironman, didn't have to rent a car and it still was expensive. Good luck, I'm sure you will figure it out.

Glenn Jones said...

Everyone's already said what neds to be said about travel. Do some of the big races in the big cities. You can pick up preferred rates at the host hotels, and most of them have airport shuttles and transportation to/from the race. nd stick to the sam brand when possible. Those free nights and other perks add up pretty quickly.

And like Meg says - do check out the Marathon Maniacs.

Jean said...

I can vouch for Green Bay. Great event, and nothing like getting to run around the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field!

Good to hear you are recovering well, and I hope you have been enjoying these last few days. It has been gorgeous outside!

All the best as you work towards your 2009 goals!

AZ said...

I definitely don't consider myself a marathon maniac; I have a hard enough time calling myself a runner!