Oct 10, 2010

Do I really have to title all of these things?

Don't really have much to blog about here except to keep my last post from getting too stale.  I know, I know, too late.  Maybe I'll blog on a few little items.  Like do I add the miles biked to and from the gym for swimming into my totals?  1.75 miles each way but it is in no way a workout even though I try to do them moderately hard.  Could be I'm just inflating my biking numbers with it though; that works out to be 10 miles per week.  40 miles per month.  Does it even matter if I count them or not?  Am I obsessing about nothing?

How about those bumps on the sides of the road that make your car go r-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-t (or is is r-r-r-r-r-r-t or r-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-t or r-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-t?  I'm pretty sure it starts with an "r" and ends with a "t" whatever it is.) that alert you when you are driving on the shoulder of the road?  What about them you say?  Well, just make sure you are standing up on the pedals if you happen to drift over on them if you know what I mean.  Men, you'll probably know as it provides a severely uncomfortable experience for your johnson and his neighbors.  Don't know what it does for women though.

Don't like seeing so much roadkill either.  Sure you get the occasional dead bird when running but out on the highways on a bike bring in much bigger varmints.  I'm always sure to hold my breath when going by them.  I mean, c'mon, they are dead.  They must be giving off some type of bad vapors aren't they?

I did have kind of a big week last week.  I hit 9.2 hours after only hitting 6.15 and 7.44 the weeks before.  I think I kind of felt it on Saturday as my run was slow and I fell asleep at a get together with family friends in the evening.  Such is the life of a triathlete.  Just need to pull off one more week of this before we head to Florida on vacation next week.  Sure I'll get in a little swimming and running then but I'll be on vacation and will take full advantage of having a down week.  Just not quite there yet.

10/4 1800m with 10x100 at 1:54-2:00; 42.3 miles at 17.8
10/5 5.67 miles at 7:49
10/6 2200m at 2:14; 3.5 miles on bike to and from pool
10/7 43.3 miles at 18.1
10/8 1800m at 2:05 (fast for me), 6.8 miles to pool and lunch
10/9 6 miles at 7:58

Oct 3, 2010

Swim To The Music

In case you were wondering, yes, I did get my waterproof Ipod holder in time for my swim last Wednesday.  I got it in the early afternoon and less than an hour later I was in the pool doing my little dog paddle.  It definitely helped the time pass more quickly.  In fact a few times I got so lost in just going through the motions and listening to music that I lost count of my laps.  That is another dilemma I face.  Must be my limited mental capacity.  Maybe now I'll have to buy one of these.  I'm already spending all my birthday money and I still have over a month to go.

Last week after one of my swims an older guy in the pool asked me if I was serious about triathlons.  He could probably tell I wasn't a swimmer by my form and so the obvious assumption is triathlons.  Of course he was correct.  Anyway he gave me some pointers, like keeping my feet closer to the surface, having a shorter stroke and breathing more often because more breathing = more oxygen = more ability to do work.  I tried this stuff out on Friday and you know what?  It worked mostly.  See workout summaries below.  Still getting used to some of the changes but I think they are all for the better.  I'll have to keep going to the pool at that time to get some more tips.

9/29 2100m at 2:17, 3.5 miles on the bike to and from the pool
9/30 35.1 miles at 18.4 mph
10/1 1700m at 2:11
10/2 4.71 miles at 7:48 pace