Nov 21, 2009

Running With The Dog

Well after Monday's 16 miler I've had some real good runs this week. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's the weightlifting and stretching taking affect. The recent speedwork? Could be just a good few days. And, of course, there's always the bacon.

Anyway, I already mentioned my 10 mile run on Wednesday and how that went. Thursday I ran with the family pet, Hiroo, to the local track and tied him up while I did a few mile repeats. The first one went by in 6:30; not bad, about what I figured. But the second one was feeling pretty good and I got around in 6:10. !!!??? That was a surprise. Especially since my half repeats last week were at about that pace. The last one I decided to take Hiroo and see how he'd do. Actually pretty well as he about dragged me around the track and wouldn't stop frolicking and playing with his leash. 6:12. Maybe next time I'll have him run with me the whole way.

This morning I got out with the running group again, like most recent Saturdays. We started out for 8 at about 8:00 but never really hit that pace. No, me and another guy just got going and wouldn't slow down. Don't know why. We were both wearing Garmins. We both knew we were going too fast and didn't really want/need to go that fast. Just kept going though, guess we were in a rhythm. We finished at just over 8 miles at a 7:39 pace. Kind of quick! I went home after that and added on a couple more miles with Hiroo but since they were a little slower they didn't do much for him. I need to get him back out and let him pull me on the rollerblades again.

One last note on the mile repeats. I'm planning on doing a 5k turkey trot on turkey day and was hoping to go under 20 minutes. There was a time about 18 months ago that would be a no brainer. Well, now it is somewhat of a brainer. Not sure if I can do it but I'm feeling better about it now since it requires keeping a 6:27 pace. We'll see how this week goes.

All in: Thursday 6.6 @ 7:47 (4.6 for Hiroo)
Saturday 10.6 @ 7:50.


Tony said...

Sounds like you got yourself a good running partner there.

lindsay said...

speedy pup! was the track not fenced in? i like taking our family's dogs to the track so they can run around off-leash (as long as no one else is there of course). nice job on the repeats - better take him along more often! :)

Meg Runs said...

Nice run and great paces! Daisy pulls me on my recover runs and I think I look like I'm running fast but she's so strong that she can actually drag me along behind her. I love it!
Keep up the great paces!

Glenn Jones said...

Great set of runs there AZ!

Beth said...

Your dog is adorable. Nice work at the track. You had some great runs this week! Good luck at your Turkey Trot. The one I am doing is in Evansville, Indiana where we will be visiting family. I wish you speed and yummy turkey for Thanksgiving. Can't wait to hear all about it!