Oct 30, 2009

Ever have trouble thinking of titles?

Another thing I remember about the marathon but forgot to write: on our ride home on the subway we sat across from a man who had run and his wife/girlfriend/partner. She was talking on the phone to someone about his time and kept calling it his "score". "It was his best score ever." "They haven't posted the official scores yet but when they do we'll let you know." That was funny enough but then he wasn't even correcting her. Isn't that odd?

A little bit of recovery running today. Isn't it odd that when I'm resting/recovering like today that I'm looking forward to running and another marathon but when I'm in training I'd rather rest? Is everyone like that? It felt good to get out though except for the fact that I ran on the windiest day of the year if not ever. My HR was way up so I guess that was telling me I'm not fully recovered yet. I'll just have to work back into it.

Don't forget the NYC marathon this Sunday. 9 AM Eastern time but the actual races don't start until 9:10 women and 9:40 men. Watch live at www.universalsports.com. I know of at least one blogger that is running. You go girl!

All in: 6.31 @ 8:13 pace.


Meg Runs said...

I can't wait to watch some of the NYC marathon, thanks for the reminder. That's a funny title post. I actually love thinking of a title and then, I struggle with the post. Guess I should do it the other way around!
Score? Ugh.

Glenn Jones said...

Ha ha! I have that problem all the time! Both titles and staying motivated during a training cycle!

Karen said...

That is funny. I kind of like it thought. Your score as if there is something else factored in besides your time. Maybe how nice you are to the volunteers or how many people you passed along the way. Congrats on the MCM. That one is on my "to do" list!

Beth said...

That's funny about his great "score". Hey, maybe she thinks the higher your "score" the better. She would love mine!

lindsay said...

thanks for the shoutout! :) i definitely felt the support throughout the race - much needed.

i am the same on both counts - struggling with titles at times AND the training dilemma. i'm stoked to train and race when i'm not in the middle of a training plan, and then when i am - i just want a break! oh the struggles we face. :) enjoy some down, non-structured time!