Sep 19, 2010

Blogging While The Blogging Is Good

Why is the blogging good you ask? Well, just because I had a couple good workouts this week is all. My swimming, close to 2:30 per 100m a couple months ago and about 2:22 per 100m a couple weeks ago is now around 2:15. I'm happy with the progress. Still not fast, still short distances (1,200m-1,600m) but progressing and that's all I'm looking for at this stage.

The bike is getting better too. Usually I've been around the 17 mph range (although the 50 I rode last weekend was 16 mph but that is because I'm not trained to ride that far yet (oh, and the wind)) but last Thursday I rode 23 miles at 19.2ish. I say ish because my bike computer fell off when I went over some bumps at the 19 mile mark so I had to keep time on my watch from there. Not a long ride but if I just stay at that speed I'll be happy. If I ride at 18.67 mph for the Ironman I'll hit my goal of 6 hours on the bike.

Now you want a good laugh? Check out my running totals for the week. All of 6.6 miles at an average pace of 7:46 per mile. Cutting back on the miles to increase the speed and to allow me to do my swim/bike workouts. I'll be building those miles up too.

9/13 1200m swim at 2:18; 24 mile ride at 17.8 mph
9/14 3.3 run at 7:46 pace
9/15 1600m swim at 2:16
9/16 23 mile ride at 19.2 mph
9/17 1200m swim at 2:15
9/18 3.3 run at 7:47 pace


Julie said...

Awesome job Az! Sometimes just switching up the routines can be helpful...nice job on the speedy runs:)

lindsay said...

Glad things are well! That seems like a solid improvement in the swim and I can definitely agree on slowing down on a longer ride--I did the same last week. Crazy to have so few running miles but you sure are working out a lot!

Johann said...

Things are looking good for sure! I have great respect for you for doing the swimming and biking thing as well. Super!

Beth said...

You are Mr. Triathlon now! Great job with all of your workouts. Blogging is also good when your blogger friends give you all kinds of encouragement. Thanks for giving that to me! :)

San said...

Wohoo on the swim times. And if I might say this training looks a lot better than just running.

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