Sep 12, 2010

First Week

I guess I jumped back into it pretty well; I worked out the last seven days in a row but today I'll be resting. This week I swam three times, ran twice and biked twice. Just hoping I didn't do too much for getting back into it. Some triathlete guy that I can't remember who it is but I read his quote once said something or other like this "Do as much as your body can absorb, not as much as you can. There is a difference." Biggest danger of doing more than I can absorb was yesterday's 50 mile bike ride. I haven't ridden that far since June of 2009. Fifteen months ago. I haven't ridden more than 23 miles at a time since. Yeah, likely it was too much.

I rode with my ironman training buddy, Jason as part of the Jesse James Bike Tour. A well run event with lots of little candy bars at the pit stops. Riding in the wind wasn't so much fun, I just wanted to turn around and get more candy bars.

9/8 16 mile ride, 18 mph
9/9 1000m swim, 2:17
9/10 3 mile run 7:51, felt better than Monday's run at least and not so sore later
9/11 50 mile ride, 16 mph
Weekly hours: 6.32 (Triathletes often track their training by hours per week since you can encompass all phases of your training with that. Did you know that? I didn't before I started doing triathlons.)


lindsay said...

hmm. i think i may copy your line of thinking there on the bike mileage! curious to know if/when in the ride you started feeling it? although if there were candy bars around, maybe you had enough energy for the 50 miles :)

Johann said...

That's some awesome workouts day after day! Well done! Now enjoy some rest.

Beth said...

AZ, I'm so glad you are doing so well and having fun. Thanks for your encouraging words and I'm glad to hear that your loved ones are survivors. That is my focus now and I'm looking forward to fitting in some running along the way. I will exercise vicarously through you and my other blogger friends for a while. Thanks again.