Sep 8, 2010

Working Out Again

Two and a half weeks since my last run and I headed out on Monday. Tired of running slow, I sprinted (ha!) off at a 7:30 or better pace. Yes, I'm tired of running slow. I let a close to 9:00 per mile pace creep into my long runs a couple years ago and somehow it stealthily made it's way into all of my runs. I believe large part of my problem is that I not longer to speed work. Something that was left in Tokyo along with a great group of running friends. Speed workouts are hard to do by yourself. I know I need to but...but...but nothing, I know I need to do them.

Luckily I couldn't find my HR monitor so I didn't have to see how hard I was working to keep a moderate pace. It didn't feel so bad but I was working way too hard. I didn't care if I only ran 3 miles or even 2. Actually the less the better was how I was feeling. I finished 3 miles at a 7:55 pace and 24 hours later I was feeling it a lot more than I should have been. I guess that's what so much time off will do to you. I guess that's what only 51.21 miles a month (exactly; for both July and August. Strange isn't it, I didn't even try to do that.) will do to you. Oh well, I'm going to do it again and again and again until I get it right.

Two swims already this week and I'm heading out for a short ride later today. On Saturday I'll be doing an organized 45 mile ride with 1,300 of my closest friends. Really only one friend that I know of and the rest will be going anywhere from 10-100 miles. I'll be doing the 45 though and having a hard enough time with that.

Okay, that's my blog. Off to make up some reading on all of your blogs.

9/5/10 1200m OWS; much straighter and slower because I sighted more than usual, 2:31 per 100m
9/6/10 3 miles at 7:55
9/7/10 1000m pool, 2:22 (kept it short, I'm just getting started afterall)


Jill said...

After taking a month off, when I went back for just two miles, oh lordy my legs were so stiff and sore the next day. But you'll get it back, you know it's just a very slow process, which makes us exercise junkies just want to strangle ourselves. Have a blast with 45 miler bike ride, sounds like maybe it'll be good for the soul as long as the body :).

TokyoRacer said...

Yes, get back to doing those intervals! It's hard by yourself, but not impossible. And actually, you're not alone - you have your constant running partner...your watch. It will talk to you: That one was a little slow, AZ, pick it up!
And you'll feel great when you finish!

Johann said...

Like you'll do it again and again and again... You'll be back to previous levels very soon. Good luck!

lindsay said...

Welcome back to running. Too bad we can't just stay fast without speed work. Sometimes I really dread it, and that really adds up week after week. Funny on your summer miles matching up. Hopefully these adventures in triathloning will satiate your endorphin cravings.

Julie said...

Woo hoo! Az is back at it! Don't be so hard on is just going to take a little bit before you are back to normal:) Congrats on the come-back and welcome back!

zbsports said...

Good to work out again, you are doing very well keep it up. Anyway nice post there.