Sep 23, 2010

Rain + Bike Workout = Bleh!

Today I had a bike workout on the schedule.  Of course I should be more flexible with these things and could have done a swim workout instead but I stubbornly held to my well-intentioned plans.  So that meant I had to hook up this
to this
Hooking them up is no problem.  Riding them together is.  I mean OMG! (I know, I know, too old and too male to use the abbreviated things.  But seriously, OMG!)  The bike trainer is way worse than I ever remember.  It is hard, it is slow, it is boring and it causes chafing.

Recently I've gotten the speed up to 18-19 mph on average outside.  Not bad.  This thing wouldn't let me do that though.  I had to work hard just to get to 15 mph!  WTF!  Really hard too not just sort of hard.  And there was no coasting.  Ever.  At least outside if I have to struggle to get up a hill I get a rest on the downside.  Oh no, not on the trainer.  If'n I work hard and get the speed up and then try to coast it pretty much just stops within seconds.  I didn't want to cry so I could only LOL.

AND it was hot.  No nice breeze cooling me off as I cruise through the countryside.  I was stationary.  In my basement.  Sweating like a pig.  I guess this isn't the time of year to buy a fan either because I went right out to Target to get one and they didn't have ANY.

AND for some reason I was irritated down there in the nether regions more than normal.  Seems like that wouldn't change for any reason but it did.  Maybe because more hotter = more sweating = more chafing.

Even though I had a computer, TV, music and cell phone all at my disposal this was waaaaaaay more boring that a treadmill.  Way.  Unfortunately I'm afraid that this is a small glimpse of my future from November (I can only hope) to March (again with the hoping).  Dread.

9/20 1400m (10x100, in 2:00-2:03 with 10 sec rest)
9/21 29.3 miles at 18.3 mph
9/22 4.05 miles at 7:46, 1800m at 2:20 and 3.5 miles on the bike to and from the pool
9/23 27 miles on the Bore-a-lator 2000 (What I'm calling the bike trainer.  Bike is named Kuro-san which is Japanese for Mr. Black but even after 2 years I'm still not sold on that name.  Let me know if you have a better one.  Oh yeah, I actually rode for 90 minutes at about 15 mph but I was definitely working hard enough to be going 18 mph outside so that's how it's going into my log and blog.)

PS:  As for all those initial thingies.  I really never use those.  In fact I insist on proper grammar and spelling in all my texts.  Don't want to get too lazy.


San said...

ROFL or if you insist Rolling on the Floor Laughing. Hilarious Post.

But ugh, now I know what is coming up for me through winter.

To answer your question, yes, you'll get pics from me "building" my bed. But don't be disappointed, it's really simple and if I'm lucky a lot of the "woodwork" will be done at the homeimprovement store.

Jill said...

How about smilies, are those allowed? :)

I've never used a bike trainer but I have gone to spin class and have to agree about the never getting to coast thing. Nevertheless, nice job on the bikey.

TokyoRacer said...

I agree that Kuro-san is not a great name. That's a tough about Kuro Kemuri - the Black Smoke. Like on Lost...the black smoke moves really fast. It's also bad...but it's a black bike so you want a baaad image, right?

Meg said...

OK, so chafing is a BIG deal in our house. Take care of yourself!
I'm totally lost with your biking posts since I don't know ANYTHING about biking but it looks like you're working hard and having SOME fun, right?!

Beth said...

I have to agree with you on the bike trainer. I tried to give it go last winter but was only able to suffer through a couple times. I have a Spinerval tape and that makes it more bearable. Maybe try on of those? Good luck!

Vivian said...

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