Sep 29, 2010

The Waiting Game

Today I'm playing the waiting game.  I've ordered this.  I'd like to use it for my swim that I have scheduled today.  Should be swimming for about 45 minutes and it would help the time fly (if not me).  Usually I'll workout late morning but today it might have to be in the afternoon.

I've already done my laundry, gone grocery shopping, ran an errand to the I'm eating lunch.  Fedex says it is on the truck for delivery.  Will it get here in time?  Should I just suck it up and go?  Will I ever find the perfect fan to put next to my bike trainer?  Nobody knows.

9/24 1400m at 2:13
9/25 4.05 miles at 7:54
9/27 1600m with 10x100 in 1:55-2:00; 36.1 bike at 18.0 mph
9/28 4.69 at 7:44


San said...

Oh my, I never thought that there is a mp3 player for swimming. Gotta have it tooo.

Julie said...

Hi Az,
I didn't know that they made such things! Very cool!

Karen said...

Can't wait to hear how you like the new gadget. I have looked at similar things from time to time but have never tried it out.

chris mcpeake said...

I had no idea this kind of thing existed. very cool

Meg said...

I NEVER knew these head phones existed!! Would they help me float? Let us know how they work!

Beth said...

I hope you like your new toy! I have the SwimP3 which is another brand of swimming MP3 player. It really does help pass the time while swimming. I hope it works great for you!