Feb 27, 2010

Need For Speed

Seems like that would be an overused running blog title. I'm going to use it anyway. Why the need for speed? Because I always say that if you want to run fast you have to run fast. Seems to make sense. Of course everything isn't for everybody but I find that this is for me. Not interval speedwork per se although I'm sure that helps me too. No, I'm talking about running long at a pace faster than normal. For me, those are MP (marathon pace, although I've never really run a full marathon at this pace) runs.

I usually run these around 7:10-7:15 per mile. All my best marathons have been after a month or two of getting in two of these runs in a week. So I'm now embarking on that portion of my marathon build up (have I mentioned Green Bay in May is my "A" race? At least for this Spring it is). Building up for Myrtle Beach last year I only got to 50 miles per week 1 time. I qualified for Boston at Myrtle Beach. So now I'll cut back on the mileage and pick up on the intensity.

I did one of these runs this week, on Thursday. Of course that was after I totally bagged on another run but was able to get a weight session and some swimming done on Wednesday. Anyway, it was 12 miles with 10 at 7:13 pace. My HR compared favorably to my Myrtle Beach build up and I'm still 2+ months out. Right now, things are good although my legs are feeling a little sore. Maybe I'll rest up a little this week (ie low mileage) before the marathon and next week after the marathon and then hit these hard.

February ended up with 203 miles on 13 runs for a whopping 15.6 miles per run. That's my highest average ever, ever, ever. Of course I would have liked to have had more miles and more runs but it seems those numbers are never enough for me. I'm feeling that same way for this week as I only ran 3 times and got in 44 miles. After Monday's workout though I decided to take an extra day of rest.

Happy running to everybody!

All in: Thursday 12 at 7:28
Saturday 14.04 at 8:20.


San said...

203 miles in the shortest month of the year?! Ouch...my chin just hit my right foot.

AZ you're amazing. Do tell the truth AZ stands for AmaZing, doesn't it? *snicker*

Glad you could get a swim in. Enjoy you're weekend.

Julie said...

Way to rock it Az!!

Glenn Jones said...

Is there a specific training plan that you use or is this something that ou have customized that works for you? I'm intrigued by the idea of two tempo runs a week. I think I'm in good enough shape to do them (not necessarily 12 miles each though!), and everyone I hear that spends their time doing tempos *always* is improving!

Meg said...

Hey! I'm in your club...the higher intensity and few miles club. I've been increasing my tempo miles by one each week and holding the half marathon pace(which is 7:00-7:10)and it's sticking. I sometimes feel lonely out here with everyone also talking about 70 mile weeks. I just couldn't do that! Thanks for posting this today!

AZ said...

Glenn, no training plan, just what I know works for me. Started with trying to keep my HR at 80-85% for an hour and then increased from there. I feel that the more time you spend at a specific pace, the more comfortable you become with it.

Meg, looks like we are cut from the same running mold. Glad the pace is going well for you.

Jill said...

There is truth in the fact that high numbers produce results, but that # is different for each of us and the important thing is to get in quality runs in. Sounds like you're adjusting when needed. Excellent theory!!

Beth said...

Nice job in February! Glad the heart rate is cooperating and that you are where you want to be.

Karen said...

203 miles in February! Impressive... Speed work is one of those things you *know* you should do but seems so hard to get it done. Running at normal pace seems so much more appealing but you don't get the benefits. Ok- adding speed work to my "to do" list now!