Mar 3, 2010

Nice Weather

It's been beautiful here lately so I've been able to get outside on a few runs. Of course for Minnesota beautiful = sunny +35 degrees + snow/ice/slush/water covering only 30% of the trail or so. Took the long run outside on Monday. My never fail plan (it's failed before, in fact I can't remember it ever working) was to get 15-16 on my own and then swing by the house and pick up the dog for a little company as I get the last few hard miles in. Problem is once I get home, I don't want to go out again. Poor dog. Yeah, I knew that was going to happen again since I was feeling pretty tired at mile 15. Maybe I should have taken that gel that I carried around the whole time. I was too lazy for that though and didn't have any water anyway. Maybe it was this type of run that teaches my body to burn fat. Anyway, at 15 I took my own little detour and finished the thing by myself.

Yesterday I got in a weight session and some swimming which was good. I wrote about the things that I don't like about swimming but there is stuff that I like too. I like the feeling of gliding through the water (although that doesn't happen often). I think I like being able to swim more than I like the actual act of swimming. Less than 3 years ago I couldn't swim for the life of me and never thought I'd do a triathlon. Maybe I should be grateful for that Achilles injury that put me into the pool.

Today I did another MP run and since I didn't want to be slowed by bad footing I did it on the treadmill. Thirteen miles in with 11 at 7:08 pace. I should have just done that last .1 to get a half marathon in under 1:37. Not bad at all for a training run. I'm pretty jazzed at how these are going so far. Next week I'll do another one and then the following week I'll start doing two per week. After these hard efforts I like to walk/drive/move real slow. I don't know why. Maybe it lets me relish the good feeling more. Unfortunately the guy driving behind me isn't relishing as much as I am.

Little something about a marathon this weekend?

All in: Monday 18 at 8:38 pace
Tuesday 700 meters swimming
Wednesday 13 at 7:23 pace


Jean said...

What an outstanding week this has been weather wise! My trails here in the northern suburbs are finally starting to clear off a little bit.

All the best in your next race this weekend!

Meg said...

Do you think you're relishing the moments after those efforts or are you moving slowly because you're TIRED?! Wait, you're doing another one this weekend? Ok, you must be tired!

Julie said...

Yes, we have had a few days of gorgeous weather:) I am also enjoying it big time:) Nice job on all of your workouts!!

Bill G said...

Hope you rock Little Rock. Are you planning on 3:40ish again?

San said...

Good luck on Little Rock. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

lindsay said...

you are definitely piling on the miles and not slowing down one bit for your monthly-marathons. very impressive and inspiring!

i'm finding the temps in the 30s to be quite nice now! guess it's good i toughed out some runs in the 20's, teens and single digits so i can appreciate the "warmth" of 30*

Glenn Jones said...

So what you're telling me is Spring has sprung there in Minnesota?

Way to rack up the miles. At some point I would sure like to be able to put in the miles like you without breaking down. Impressive.

Thanks for answering my question. One of my goals for later ths year is definitely the two tempos a week.....

San said...

You are right I didn't check the weather in California. Where's the point in that, the weather outside my frontdoor is depressing enough. Don't have to go any further than that.

Good luck on your marathon, hopefully with perfect conditions for you.

Jill said...

If I ran 15 miles at 7:08, I'd be in bed for a week, let alone moving real slow - haha. I struggle with anything tempo related, I think it's in my head. Thanks always for your encouraging words on my always know how to get my head on right for the day!! Happy Almost Weekend!