Feb 4, 2010

Marathon Line Up

These are the marathons that I have currently decided upon:

Mercedes Marathon, Birmingham, AL; February 14th
Little Rock Marathon, Little Rock, AR; March 7th
Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon, Oklahoma City, OK; April 25
Cellcom Green Bay Marathon, Green Bay, WI; May 15

Then in the summer I'll head west a little and maybe do something in Wyoming, Montana or Idaho. I'd really like to do one of the marathons in Alaska over the summer too. In the fall the only things I have on the radar screens are St. George Marathon on October 2nd and Las Vegas Marathon on December 6th (7th?).

Been a good week so far, I had a really nice run yesterday. Usually I'd do my 10 miles with 6x1 mile intervals but I decided to do a MP run instead. This is a good test as to my fitness compared to my other marathon. I started out at 7:13 and couldn't believe how smooth and easy the pace felt. I kicked it down to 7:08 and still felt good. I ended up with 8 miles at 7:10. Based on my HR I could have easily done a few more miles at that pace but I have a couple of 15 milers still this week and didn't want to mess with those. So, as far as MP runs go, I seem to be way ahead of schedule. I'll start those for real in March.

Today was an easy 15 miles. Nice and easy, nothing special.

All in: Wednesday 10 at 7:28
Thursday 15 at 8:34


Julie said...

Hi Az,
Wow, you have a pretty impressive running schedule this year. I am going to run in the Rock & Roll Vegas half in December. I would love to run in Montana...it is so beautiful and peaceful there. I did have a chance to run in Idaho during one of our vacations. We were up at a very high elevation and it felt like I had one hundred elephants sitting on my chest! Not so fun:) It was hard for me as I was not used to it:) I see that you have a marathon coming up pretty quick here....good luck! I hope that you have a great day Az!

Jill said...

I look forward to your race report on those marathons, I've never done any (except St. George, my first BQer). I think there's a Mayor's Marathon in Anchorage in June-ish, might be fun!! If you ever get to one in CO, holler.

Meg said...

You are SOOOO ambitious. I'm just getting my energy back two weeks after my marathon and I couldn't imagine doing another one in two weeks. You are really motivating!

Beth said...

Your schedule is shaping up nicely. That's great! I just noticed that you have an IM on your to do list for 2011. Have you picked one out yet?

Glenn Jones said...

Man. You have any room in your suitcase so I can tag along to Wyoming and Montana? Those are two of my *favorite* places in the U.S. Say the word and I'd move there in a flash!

Mae sure you get signed up for St. George's soon. It has a history of selling out pretty quickly. Also - train down hill if you are going to do it. With one short uphill stretch, it is a long downhill run!

TokyoRacer said...

Good MP run! I have to start getting serious about those myself.

San said...

Hey, I'll race Leipzig on April 25th. Double run. yeah. Though I'm not sure what distance. We'll see.

Question: What's an MP run?

Enjoy your weekend. Will you watch the Super Bowl?