Dec 29, 2009

Weekend Update

I'm getting behind in my blogging and blog reading. I'll just chalk that up to the holiday season and busy-ness that goes along with it. Trying to get caught up now.

Last week ended up being a decent week of running, better than I had expected. Fifty-two total miles after I added a 15 miler on Wednesday, 9 miles of speedwork on Thursday and 8 miles on Saturday. Since we travelled towards the end of the week I thought my mileage would taper off a bit more but my wife and I were able to get out in warm Las Vegas for some running. We went to Sunset Park. For those unfamiliar it is a big park with a pond, ball fields, playground, swimming pool, frisbee golf course and a 1 mile packed dirt running path. Very nice. We got out there Saturday and Sunday morning with my wife doing 5 on Saturday, the furthest she's run in decades.

This week won't be quite as high mileage-wise for several reasons. First, the kids are home from school and I can't just leave them home and head out. Second, after 3 50 mile weeks in a row I should have a low mileage week. Finally I've got a nasty cold since last night. Sinus headache, sneezing, runny nose and sore throat. I think it'll just last a few days.

Looks like I'll top 200 miles this month for the first time in a couple years which coincides with me taking up triathloning. So I don't mind if the mileage is low when I'm swimming and biking too. I'll update final month and year totals after the new year.

Be safe!

All in: Wednesday 15.01 at 8:30
Thursday 9 at 7:58 with 5 mile repeats from 6:26 to 6:06
Saturday 8 at 7:27
Sunday 6 at 7:38


San said...

Yeah, put a 15 miler in. You are positively crazy!

I did today ah let me see ca. 8 km, if at all. And that is much for me.

Hope your well soon and have a good start in 2010.

Beth said...

Lucky you, getting to go someplace warm and get some quality miles in. So glad your training is going well and I hope you are getting excited about your race coming up.

Meg Runs said...

Yipee for your wife, that's exciting! Good for you in supporting her and being so positive . Sounds like
you've been putting in some mileage so the rest with the kids won't hurt I'm sure! Hope you feel better!
Happy New Year,

Glenn Jones said...

That's an impressive week Az! And hopefully you were able to clean out a casino or two?

I'm south of you in Chicago tonight and tomorrow. Tell me - how do you put up with this cold?

Hope you and your family enjoys a happy and safe New Year!

AZ said...

Beth, I am excited about the race coming up but I think it will be a little anticlimatic since I'm really training for the whole year and can't point to just this one race.

No gambling for me, Glenn, I'm way too cheap. As for the cold, just bundle up and grin and bear it I guess. I'm definitely not happy about it. Hope you survive it.