Dec 21, 2009

More Bells

Okay, I promise this won't become a woodworking blog but just wanted to show off a few more bells that I've made. These are for my sisters and are about 3 inches in height versus the 6-7 inch one I made for my wife. I'll put a little hangar thing on these so they can be used as ornaments. I only have four sisters so likely my wife will be getting one of these too. The white bells are Corian, the counter top material while the handles are various woods.

Okay, back to running. Had a decent week last week, getting in about 53 miles in 4 runs. Fortunately not all of it was on treadmills as Saturday morning was about 20 degrees. Since my son had a basketball game I couldn't run with my normal group and got out alone at 6:30 AM. A lot earlier than I'm used to! This week I'm hoping to get close to 50 miles but since we'll be traveling for Christmas and the kids will be out of school starting Wednesday, it might be difficult. Started out right though as I got off the treadmill less than an hour ago after 20 miles and almost 3 hours. My entry in my training log was "Ugh". Unfortunately I foresee a lot more of that in the future.

All in: Wednesday 13.19 at 8:50
Thursday 8 at 7:58 (speedwork with 4 mile repeats in the 6:20's)
Saturday 13.67 at 8:52 (honestly each mile felt about 20 seconds faster per mile)
Monday (today) 20.06 at 8:49


Meg Runs said...

You are so thoughtful, I bet everyone will love those bells!
Great job on your speedwork!

Glenn Jones said...

How cool are those! It still floors me that those are made from old Christmas trees!

Thanks for your notes about those tempo runs. They correspond to what I was told. Even to the distance!

Beth said...

The bells with the Corian are so cool! Do you shape the Corian just like you would wood? I would think it would be a lot harder material. Very nice! Pretty impressive gettin in that many miles on the treadmill. Are you getting excited about your race?

lindsay said...

wow 20 on the treadmill? am i reading that right? i thought i was the only one nuts enough to do that :)

the bells are beautiful! you are obviously very talented - feel free to share more of your work whenever!

AZ said...

Yes Beth, Corian is a harder material than wood but it is easy to work with. Just have to keep my tools sharp.

Yes, 20 on the treadmill and another 15 today! I think I've made peace with that machine so far but I'll be counting the days until spring.

Jill said...

I found your blog and have enjoyed reading up on your marathon journey! Wow, you run a lotta miles - I am truly inspired. I look forward to hearing about your marathons. A very Merriest of holidays to you!!

Jean said...

You have a talent for woodworking, without question. Those are gorgeous, AZ! Beautiful work.

Happy New Year, and all the best to you in 2010!