Jan 3, 2010


2009 was a pretty good year of running for me. I finished off December with 204 miles which is my highest monthly total since December of 2007. For the year I had 1,500 miles which is pretty good considering I was doing a lot of biking and swimming from March through June as I was training for a half iron triathlon. I did two marathons, qualified for Boston, one half marathon and 3 5k's although only one was run seriously. For 2010 I have new goals but I'll address them in a later post.

I am getting off to a rather slow start to this year though. I haven't run yet! Unfortunately I still have a wicked head cold that I am trying to get over but I am feeling a little better now. I'm hoping to run 15 tomorrow on my way to 50 for the week which shouldn't be too hard to get to since I'll be running over half of that on Saturday.

Happy new year everybody!


Meg Runs said...

Wow, are you really running a marathon in five days? No wonder you haven't been running much lately, it's called tapering!!!
Good luck with the miles this week!

Tony said...

Feel better and congrats on another year well "run". I never knew you did a half ironman. I must not have read it. Thats great.

lindsay said...

hope you feel better soon! good luck with the upcoming marathon - hopefully you won't be feeling sick for it at all.

congrats on the mileage for '09, and a half iron too! can't wait to see what 2010 holds for you :)

AZ said...

Meg, that's what I said! Am I really running a marathon in 5 days?

Tony, the half ironman was my second and both were before the time that I revived my training blog, therefore no race report..