Dec 14, 2009

Another Hobby

My other hobby (is running a hobby? Maybe more of an obsession or passion?) is woodworking. I haven't done too much of it in the last year but I enjoy it when I do. I always make my wife two things for Christmas. One is a nativity scene and the other is something from the stump of our Christmas tree from the previous year. This year I decided to make her a bell. What do you think? I'm no artisan but I'm happy with how it turned out. The nativity scene might be a last minute thing though...
Running and woodworking have something in common and that is patience. You just can't be in a hurry to run 10, 12 or more miles and you have to slowly shape the wood and fit it together. Any big mistakes on measuring or cutting and you have to start all over again. Unfortunately in both arenas I am in all too much of a hurry to get things done. I think one day I'll learn the lesson I'm trying to teach myself.

I found some treadmills a the club that don't have to be reset after 60 minutes. So my big motivation today was to put up a big number on the display, at least 18 miles. Unfortunately I found out that they do reset at 100 minutes. D'oh. So the only big number I put up was just over 11 miles and then I had to start over again.

All in: 18.35 at 8:43


Meg Runs said...

I'm in! How meaningful is that gift? I love the fact that its' made from last year's Christmas tree. You are one talented runner/craftsman! Thanks for sharing that, very interesting!

lindsay said...

what an awesome tradition - and great talent/skill! very cool :)

i found out the hard way about the treadmill cut off... it was tough to force myself to get back on and finish, lol. i'm just glad most of the 'mills at the gym don't actually adhere to the 30 min cut off! in college some of the treadmills would cut you off at 30 min, boo.

Beth said...

What a great idea for a gift! You are truly an artist, the bell is beautiful. Nice work on the treadmill. I've done 18 miles before on the belt and it is not easy physically or mentally.

San said...

Wow, what a beautiful bell. Congratulations on this. And I can totally relate to that patience problem.

I never had this treadmill problem. ;-D Because I never stayed on longer than an hour. hihi.

Thanks for your comment, I will know within this week if they give it a try with me or not. I'll tell all about it on my blog. Where else?!

Jean said...

AZ, that is absolutely gorgeous. Only a true artist and craftsman could do something like that. Beautiful, and what a special gift! That is so cool!

Nice job with your training as well. Continued success to you!

Glenn Jones said...

Wow! Very cool! I would never think that that came from a Christmas Tree stump!

The bigger problem on treadmills in most clubs here is if you go during peak times, the lines of people force you to get off after 20 minutes. And there are employees there to enforce!

About alternating shoes - I think you would be suprised at the number of beginners especially that don't do that.

Tony said...

The bell is awesome. I thought it was real before I read the post. I play around with the treadmill 60 minutes all the time. I'll run as far as I can in 60 minutes and then go at it for another 60 to try to beat the last distance.