Apr 6, 2010

Run With The Wolves 5k

I took my son to a Minnesota Timberwolves basketball game (they are a professional team, honest) a few weeks ago. Well, when they advertised a "Run With The Wolves 5k" with a free game ticket on the big screen, he latched on to that right away. So last Saturday we ran another 5k together and he was going for his PB of 28:26.

I paced him to a 9:07 first mile, right on target. The second mile started with a couple hills that took a little out of him. A little later he asked to slow down, so we did. I gradually worked our pace back up but then he asked to slow down a bit again. We went through the second mile in 9:18. We'd have to pick up the pace to make the PB. Then he told me he wanted to walk. I wouldn't let him. I just encouraged him to keep running as much as he could. Towards the end there was a slight uphill and then a couple tenths of a mile downhill to the finish. Mile 3 was 9:07 and he was sprinting hard towards the finish. I thought we were going to make it but we finished in 28:31. He was so funny; he immediately laid down on the ground. He stayed there awhile and got up only to drink some water but then plopped back down again. He worked really hard, I really enjoyed running with him.

Nice, small race. No official timing but lots of food, t-shirt, Timberwolves hats for the kids, massages, lots of coupons for $$'s off massages and spa treatments. Even full size deoderant in the goody bags. And I can't forget the game tickets.

All in:
March 28, 2010 7.37 @ 8:19 (4x1/2 mile hill repeats)
March 30, 2010 10 @ 8:18
March 31, 2010 5.68 @ 7:46
April 1, 2010 12.7 @ 8:25
April 3, 2010 6.48 @ 8:30
April 5, 2010 20.15 @ 8:42
April 6, 2010 16.01 @ 8:50


Psyche said...

Congratulations to your son! He is speedy, like dad:) That is so funny that he lay down at the end.

I get to work with about 25 boys age 9-10 twice a year, training them for a 5K through a school program. The race is always so much fun! The boys are a crack up. It's a very fulfilling thing to do.

Have a great day!

Meg said...

I love the energy and passion that kids put into running and then just crash from exhaustion. It sounds like they made the race worth your while too, great swag!!

Julie said...

Hi Az,
Wow, that sounds like a ton of fun:) I actually got an e-mail regarding that race and I am sort of wishing I would of done it with my daughter. How fun to run with your son and he did so good:) You should be very proud of him!!

lindsay said...

precious! soo close to a pr for him - he has plenty of time to tear it up though. congrats to him on a great race.

and actually the only post i missed was the one before this one thankyouverymuch! :-p

elaine said...

Great report, kudos to your son!

Beth said...

That is so cute! Tell him congratulations and that after my next 5K I'm going to lay on the ground like he did. That is when you know you gave it your all!

San said...

So sweet. Sounds like you had a lot of fun. I'd love to know what your son thought of this race.

Amazing time and have lot's of fun on the game. (Brilliant idea by the timberwolves, by the way!)

Tony said...

AZ that's awesome that you run with your son. At the end of races I wished I pushed as hard as your son did, thats fantastic.

Adam Culp (Crazy Floridian) said...

Sounds like a fun time was had by all, and your son is doing great. My son (11) is talking about doing a 5K. So far he is doing 3 miles running with my wife or I on occasion. (He does 1 to 2 miles regularly)

Beth said...

Hi AZ, thanks for your comment regarding Lasik. I couldn't see far away, so that is why I had Lasik the first time. Now, I could have one eye redone with Lasik or PRK so that I use one eye for distance and one for close up. I'm going to wait and see if my eyes stabilize before I think about it. Right now I'm trying out multifocal contacts for both eyes, as opposed to monovision with a contact in one eye, because it is supposed to give better depth perception. We'll see... I'm still adjusting. Hope you don't need to worry about such things too soon!

Glenn Jones said...

Well, some would argue about the Timberwolves being an NBA team, but you guys stole one of L.A.'s favorites from the Lakers for your head coach!

Nice to see that your son had fun! The quality time is certainly worth it.

SDrunner said...

What a great coach, not letting him walk! So close to that PB, but yeah, there'll be many more opportunities like that.

Jill said...

That's awsome about your son - what a great coach, and mentor, you are!! Sounds like you got some nice garb after, too! Have a great week, AZ!

Jean said...

How nice that you are able to share experiences like that with your son! That is really cool, AZ! Nicely done.

Mel Ashline said...

I love this post!! It is wonderful that you share your love of running with your son. That is fantastic! Congrats to you both!!