Apr 12, 2010

We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us. -Joseph Campbell

March was supposed to be lower mileage/faster pace than February. Fail. It turns out that I was not only slower but ran more. Not really much more though, only 13 miles but I had 5 more workouts so my average run was way lower. So now, since I've been unable to hit the pace that I'd like, I thought I'd go back to the higher mileage. I should be able to do that right? Well, maybe not. After getting in a good week last week, 66 miles on 4 runs including 20 on Monday and 16 on Tuesday (got to be my two day PB) I set out for my 20 miler today. Uh, not happening. Legs felt terrible after a mile. Stopped at 4 to reassess. Turned around at 5. Don't know what that was all about. Better luck next time.

Total Miles: 203.26
Total Runs: 13
Average: 15.64
Pace: 8:25

Total Miles: 213.09
Total Runs: 18
Average: 11.84
Pace: 8:26

Hmm, can't run faster, can't run further, maybe I'll be able to run less. Since January I've been pointing to the Green Bay marathon for a PB attempt. I'm abandoning that. Actually not that bad a thing, it'll take the pressure off and there are still 7 more marathons left in the year. Now I just need to maintain what I do have. Maybe I'll cut back on a run or so and pick up on the bike riding and swimming every week. I'm thinking one 18-20 miler and two 10-12 milers (plus the cross training) would allow me to complete a marathon every month.

Well, that's the plan anyway. Things tend to not go as planned so I'll tell you about my new plans in a few weeks.

April 8 16 at 8:27
April 10 14.07 at 7:58
April 12 9.03 at 8:29


Julie said...

Hi Az,
Holy miles!! Wow, did you bust them out last week:) Nice work! I think that you have a great plan in place. You are right, there are so many marathons that you can PR in. Just listen to your body...your time will come:) Have a great week Az!

Beth said...

I had to laugh at the thought that you have 7 other chances this year to PR. I think its a good idea to try to cross train for a workout and see what happens. You'll still have enough mileage to run your marathon and maybe it will perk you up. You will figure it out- you are doing great!

Meg said...

Cutting back always works for me...like you said, maybe after a few weeks to a month you'll be able to see a set pattern and reassess. Good luck!

Jill said...

I am a testament to things not going as planned this winter. Hang in there, it'll get better!!

San said...

I agree with Jill and Joseph. Sooo true.

The cross training is probably a good idea and much more fun if you ask me.

Cheers and have a good week.

lindsay said...

I certainly wouldn't doubt if the consecutive marathons were putting a little sludge in your legs. They've definitely been worked--don't take it for granted. It can be frustrating though, I know. Hopefully a little cutback will bring the speediness back quickly (not that you're slow by any means!)

and yes, I'm running ("running") boston next week.

Velma said...

Keep at it and it will all work out. Nice mileage!!

Glenn Jones said...

I'm glad it's not just me. I'm in such a running funk right now. It's very uplifting to see that even the *real* runners suffer through the highs and lows.

Karen said...

Well, the important thing is you know that it is just a minor setback. Reassessing and cross training sound like great ideas. A little variety in the work out can't hurt, right? Biking, swimming, ironman here you come. :)

Psyche said...

Your 20-miler was exactly like my (failed) 15 miler. Something in the air...?

66 miles on 4 runs last week- that is nice! I can't wait to see how every one of your marathons turns out. It's a very cool goal.

Have a great weekend:)

Sherri said...


You run some serious miles! I am impressed! I still have never run a marathon and thinking of running one next year...your doing 7 more this your?