Mar 27, 2010

No Go For Mojo

The running mojo hasn't returned yet and it doesn't seem like it will anytime soon. Just feel like I'm not able to keep my fast paced runs fast paced and if I try, I can't keep the pace very long. Last Monday I had a decent run, the workout part of it was 9 miles at 7:07 but I was working waaaaaay to hard for that. Had a very slow run the next day and then on Thursday I couldn't only get 4 mile at that pace.

My slower runs have been okay, just can't seem to increase the pace. Like today I ran with friends for 18 at about 8:18 pace and then went home for a bit more with Hiroo (the dog). I guess my plan will be to slow my fast pace down, maybe 7:25-7:30, in order to get the distance I want. After all I am marathon training and miles are at a premium.

This week seems like it will be lower miles. Heading to Florida on a Spring break vacation with the family. Should be a great time, just not conducive to running maybe. I'll have to see how much I can get in.

All in: Monday 11 at 7:22
Tuesday 6.54 at 9:01
Thursday 10 at 8:00
Saturday 19.68 at 8:22


Julie said...

Hi Az,
I have had several runs this week where the mojo was no show! I hate it and it makes me feel like crap:( At least you are going fast and keeping a decent pace. I kind of feel like I am working really hard and moving slower!! Grrr! It will get better:)

I hope that you and your family have a great time in Florida!!

Meg said...

Maybe the rest and vacation will give you some new spunk for your legs!
Have fun on your trip.

Glenn Jones said...

I'm there with Meg - maybe your brain and body is trying to tell you something? It's not like a week or two off is going to hurt you.

And just to check, that's Hiroo as in the Japanese equivalent of Hero right?

Jill said...

I had one sucky long run today....I just can't get this monster where I want it. Sometimes I think we stress so much over "time" and forget to enjoy the run. Hopefully some downtime in Florida will help get the juices fired back up. Have a great trip!!

San said...

I think this spring break is what your body needs right now. Remember your body gets better while it rests, when you train you literally rip your muscles apart.

I think the Mojo waits for you in Florida, you lucky dog. Vacation sounds fun to me.

And yes, I'd like to see me running to, but going at what my knee says right now, I can forget about that for the time being. Grrrr.

Enjoy your vacation.
Cheers San

Jean said...

Enjoy your spring break, AZ. I will bet a little escape like that will help your running mojo!

Beth said...

I hope you have a wonderful time in Florida. Maybe a little break will be good for the legs and the pace. Enjoy your family!

Sherri said...

Your smoking fast!
Spring Break is the best thing for your running, in my opinion! If your not hitting the time you will do you good!
Plus running somewhere new is always fun and uplifting!
Have Fun!

Psyche said...

Hi, Az
I just found your blog. I am really impressed with your goals and your times.

I see we're both running the Earth Day Challenge Marathon. You may be the first blogger I actually get to meet:)

Hope you're having fun in FL and that training is going well for you.

SDrunner said...

I'm sure this funk is just temporary and you'll be back to normal after your vacation. In the meantime, enjoy the break!

Anonymous said...

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