Apr 21, 2010

April Marathon Coming Up

Congrats to all you Boston finishers. It is such a fun marathon to partake in.

It seems like it's been such a long time since my last marathon (5 weeks!). I'm kind of looking forward to another one this weekend. Only problem? Supposed to be windy with thunderstorms. That = not so good. Well, I've done sub-freezing and moderately nice, I suppose this is just another bout of weather to deal with. Hmmm (<--indicates thought bubble), I expect I'll have hot and humid to look forward to sometime. At least I can be thankful that it isn't a triathlon, swimming in those conditions can be bad.

Running has been moderately better lately. Still haven't gotten a long run in but I am doing kind of middling distance runs of about 14-16 miles at about 8 minutes per mile. I might not be able to run the speed I'd like to yet but I can pick it up a bit from what I was doing. I think I slowed my long runs down to 8:30-9:00 minute pace and somehow that creeped into my other runs too. I'll have to be wary about that in the future.

After getting my bike out and all ready to go on Sunday, I took it out for the first ride of the season on Monday. Nothing real big or real fast, just about 20 miles in a little over an hour. Didn't want to push it or anything. Don't want to take too much away from my running legs, not just yet anyway. Felt good to ride though. Kind of funny, my long run route is a short, easy ride route on the bike. It's such a slog when I'm running but goes by so quickly on the bike.

Also got another swim in today. 800 meters in just under 20 minutes. Nothing to brag about but a start. I did 1x400 meters and then 4x100 meters. The second I swam faster but took about a 15 second rest between reps so the total time for each 400 was about the same. I think I like the shorter reps better because that lets me swim a little faster but a real quick rest lets me keep the speed up. Hmmm (thinking again), maybe I should apply that to my running a little more (read interval training). Somehow it seems easier in swimming.

April 16 14 at 8:02
April 18 15.73 at 8:05
April 19 19.6 miles biking at 16.9 mph
April 20 15.82 at 8:01
April 21 800 meters at 2:27 per 100 (I know, I know. I'm not much of a swimmer)


San said...

You call 14-16 m middle distance? Well I guess I should be used to it already. ;-)

Glad you've had such fun with Cross training.

Good luck for the next marathon.

Cheers, San

Julie said...

Hi Az,
Wow, not only are you running but you are hitting the bike and the pool!! I am not a great swimmer either but admire anyone who can make it look easy!

Are you running Get in Gear this weekend? If you are...look for me, I am running the 10k. I would love to meet you.

lindsay said...

gosh, 5 weeks! an eternity ;) where is this weekend's marathon? it is supposed to be rainy/t-stormy here in the KY/TN area and i know nashville and louisville have marathons this weekend. just curious!

thanks for all the kind notes and well-wishes for boston. it was tough, but i made it. hopefully one day i will be able to go back for 'revenge'!

Psyche said...

Hi, Az!

Glad to hear running has been on the upswing for you. I remember when I ran higher mileage last training cycle (85 mpw) I noticed my base pace was slower overall. I guess it's the trade off for not as much recovery.

NOT looking forward to running in T-Storms:(. I about freaked when the race packet (e-mail) said in case of bad weather they reserve the right to call everyone back to the start and make it a non-timed Fun Run. HELL to the NO!(I'm sure that won't happen).

Good luck to you!! I hope I get the chance to say "Hi" in person.

I'm sure you'll be ahead of me, but I'm hoping to finish around 4:00. I'd like to break 4:00, will be happy with 4:02- 4:05, and OK with anything under 4:12. Especially if we get super crappy weather:)

See you there!


P.S. I am just so impressed this is your "marathon of the month". I honestly cannot imagine that. Yet:).

Glenn Jones said...

Way to go AZ! I hope the westher cooperates, but out here in the West, it's been an unusually stormy week. Hopefully everything drops a little further north or south and leaves you high and dry.

Do I detect a tri coming up?

Tony said...

Thunderstorms!!! The god's are putting on a light show for you. Did you think you were gonna run 12 marathons this year and not getting a little wet! Do it up AZ!

Karen said...

And just like that you are biking and swimming... You make it look way too easy to fit it all in!

Meg said...

Hey, at least you're getting out there to swim. You must be going through marathon withdrawls...it won't be long! I hope it's not windy and raining, ugh! We just missed that weather in Boston! Thanks for your support, by the way!

Mel Ashline said...

Good luck this weekend!! I'll be thinking of you as I finish my half....in the pouring rain as well! Looking forward to hearing about your maraton!

Beth said...

Good luck tomorrow! I'll be rooting for you! I ran TC marathon in the rain and it honestly wasn't that bad. Just wear a hat to keep your face dry. GO FAST, and GOOD LUCK!