Mar 5, 2010

Go Slow Down

FIrst of all, let me thank Glenn and San for sending me the Sunshine Award. Never thought of myself as sunny. Now, on to the post.

How does that title sound juxtaposed with the "Need For Speed" title from last week? I'm planning on slowing it down this weekend in Little Rock. Of course I've said that before. This time I really mean it. Really I do. I'd like to go closer to 3:50 for this marathon, thinking that my recovery will be much better. So if I go faster than 3:45 please feel free to chastise me.

I know what the problem is, it's my oversized sense of pride, is what it is. I'm mean there's all these people in the half and full and I'm looking around thinking I should be way ahead of these guys. How sad is that? I should be bigger than that.

It isn't going to help that the race director put me in the A corral (sub 3:20) because I ran that last year even though I only requested the B corral (sub 3:45). I think I'll just slip back one corral and to the way back of that one too. Think they'll mind?

Today was a good run, seven miles with 5 at 7:08. A little more than I probably should have with a marathon in a couple days but it's just a long training run, right? I guess I'll find out Sunday if I overdid it.

Supposed to be great weather and there are still a few slots open. Anybody care to join me?

All in: Friday 7 at 7:35


Meg said...

I have worked in Arkansas the past few summers so it doesn't seem like the best place to run but I'm sure it's cool right now. Good luck, have funny, Sunny Runner!
Uh, you know I'm referring to your award, right?

Jill said...

I ran a marathon last summer in Park City for "training" - i.e., slow! It was really fun and I enjoyed all the sights (gorgeous!) but I still died at the end. Hum. Anyway, have a blast and enjoy the race!!!

Glenn Jones said...

Hope it went/is going well in Arkansas today!

Beth said...

I was thinking about you this weekend and hope that your race went according to plan. I can't wait to hear about it!

San said...

So, how was your race. Did you stay slow?

Hope you are well.