Jan 4, 2010

Off and running...

Finally I felt good enough today to get out and run. Not actually out since it is 0 degrees but I did put 15 miles on the treadmill. Legs felt great as you would expect with three days off. They kept wanting to go faster but my lungs and head said no. I still need to take it easy and get 100% over this cold after all.

I don't really feel like I can taper going into this marathon or have a rest week coming out of it. I'm hoping I can train right through it actually. It will just be like a well supported long run. Usually I take 1 or no gels during my long runs but I'll take several during the marathon so hopefully my recovery won't take too long. If I need to have a taper and recovery week surrounding each marathon I do then I'll only be able to train for 2 weeks out of each month. So this first marathon will be an interesting test of how well I'll be able to train in the days before and after it.

All in 15 miles at 8:42


Meg Runs said...

I don't think I'll be able to taper if I decide to run...that is so weird to me but necessary in my case. You are taking off how long before your next marathon?

AZ said...

Meg, I'm not really planning on taking any time off after this marathon. I'm hoping to get 50 miles in next week after this marathon. That will definitely depend on how I feel and how much the marathon takes out of me.

Beth said...

Great job on the treadmill. Sounds like you have a plan in place. I'm excited for you- good luck!

lindsay said...

yeah i am definitely taking to the treadmill in these arctic temps! brr! glad you were able to get a good run in.

i 'trained through' a marathon once. i mini-tapered a few days before it and then took 2 (i think) days off afterward (went hiking one of them) before resuming with an easy week of running. (followed by a 'regular week' with tempo/speed work). just my $0.02 of course!!

San said...

Good luck and success for the marathon.

Since you had a cold remember to eat a bit more protein, your body took some of the muscles to fight the cold.

And even though you don't plan to do so, I'd say, take at least one run out of your schedule next week. You were sick, your body needs the recovery time.

Looking forward to read your report.

Glenn Jones said...

I really have to take my hat off to all you folks in the Northern climates. You really have to be dedicated to be putting those kind of miles in on treadmills.

You caught me on te 7 miles at 10K pace. And I think you're right - there's a new 10K PR in me. Somewhere.

And now the big question. What is the kanji in your title. I can read the hiragana, but not the kanji. A little embarassing since my mom is Japanese.

Good luck this weekend! Take care of yourself and don't get hurt.