Oct 16, 2009

Countdown Begins

Ten days from today...Marine Corps Marathon. Early weather reports are good, low of 50, high of 67, partly cloudy. Touch on the warm side but certainly can't complain. Hopefully a tailwind all the way around. ;)

Like I said before, the Garmin is back. Big relief. They certainly were fast on the turn around. Actually, this is a reconditioned unit, not the one that I sent in. I don't mind though, it works well and holds a charge. Speaking of the Garmin, have any of you ever turned it on for the first 10 minutes of a flight? Kind of fun to watch the speed and elevation indicator go so fast. Try it sometime.

I certainly have some sort of something or other going on with me. As I go about my normal day I really don't feel any different but when I try to run (is that not normal?) my HR goes wacko at speeds it has no business going wacko over. This week I got in no run longer than 8 miles. I know I'm tapering but I still don't have a good feeling going into this marathon. Hopefully I come back around in 10 days...


Meg Runs said...

Funny things always happen to me when I'm tapering...aches, pains, phantom stuff...do you think that could be it? I'm excited for your marathon, we have some friends going, I hope the weather is perfect for you!

Glenn Jones said...

Yessiree! I love my Apple Fritters!

Thanks for your kind words about how I was doing toward the end of my race. I just wish I had it in me to be clipping along at a 9:00 pace at that point! I know - patience.

I'm getting excited for your marathon now! Best of luck!

One thing about your heartrate going all wacky - have you made sure your chest strap is moist when you start out? I have the same problems sometimes if the strap is completely dry. Or if the batteries in the strap are going out.

Beth said...

Try not to worry about your heart rate. You still have 10 days and that is a long time. You'll get your confindence back.

lindsay said...

does your hr feel wacky? or is garmin reporting it wacky... some days mine will show me i am 200+ on an easy run (even sometimes within the first mile) when i know i am not straining. i just chalk it up to the hrm being moody. hopefully the same case with you?

random about the plane thing... maybe you need psychiatric help? ;) jk jk. enjoy your taper!