Apr 12, 2007

An Improvement

I've gone back to the FH workouts with better results this time. Still not sure if I will push to do all 4 of the workouts he specifies but I do like the 8k in 33 minutes one. Basically it is a tempo run. Anyway, I wrote a few weeks back that I did this workout for the first time with okay results. Not great, not bad. This week I've done it two more times with better results.

I could have had even slightly faster times this week with a stronger mental approach; in each session I let one lap slide a little too much. 100% mental error. But I'm still happy to be working my way down to the goal time and with a lower HR. I will continue with this workout for a few more weeks and see what kind of progress I make. I'm hoping it will be a key contributor to PB's in upcoming races (see sidebar). Confident it will help in the 10k, less so about the half.

I guess the motivation to run the extra workouts lasts about one week. That's okay, I'm still happy to get in my in my normal runs, just didn't feel the need to do the extra ones.

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