Apr 28, 2007

Back At It

I've been able to run for about a week now. At first I wore a knee brace that I bought. It seemed to help with my knee but bothered the rest of my leg. Finally I've been running without that for the last few days, slow and easy, and things seem to be okay. Now I need to start trusting it more mentally and hopefully speeding up a little bit in my workouts. That being said I did test it a little bit last Wednesday night when Namban Rengo had our monthly 5k time trail at the track. I ran it in 20:41, which, even though it is a little slow for me, I was happy with as I really didn't want to push it at all.

Next week at the TELL 10k I'd really like to be under 41 minutes. I think it's possible but I would really have to have a good day, considering my training hasn't been optimal for the last couple of weeks. In reality though I guess I'd be happy if I survived without any problems in my knee and anything under 45 minutes. Relatively pedestrian but I'd take it. I don't even know what to think for the Kanuma Satsuki half. Just surviving?

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