Apr 19, 2007

Shut Down

I haven't been able to run since last Friday. I went out Saturday morning for what is usually an easy run. This time I was going to add a few hills. However from my first steps I noticed something wasn't quite right with my right knee. Totally out of the blue. It isn't in the joint itself, but in the tendons on the inside, back part of it. The medical term is pes anserinus, number 5 on this picture. There really is no pain, especially when I'm not running. More it is a different sort of sensation that there is movement back there that shouldn't be happening. I went maybe a half mile walking and jogging to try to loosen/warm it up but it didn't work. I tried it again on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week and after a couple minutes it acted up again. With the rest it wasn't as bad but I still wasn't able to run on it. To be more accurate I didn't want to run on it. More rest.

So this week I find myself to be a little restless and mildly irritated. Didn't notice it in the back of my mind at first and didn't actually place the cause right away. But now I see it is there. I want to run and train and gather the data and analyze and pass judgement. In two and three weeks respectively I have a 10k and half marathon coming up. Hopefully I'll at least be able to get around on the courses even if I'm not in racing form.


Ingo said...

Sorry to hear that buddy. But if it's just a funny painless sensation why not carefully stressing it a little? I am not sure what you exactly have but I also sometimes have a slight "clicking" feeling in that area. However, I am never scared of things snapping there. In my case it comes and goes.

You may even want to speed up to see if things are getting smoother. It's all about biomechanics - remember, an engine does not have the same torque across its entire powerband. At low RPM's even a great engine will sound and run like crap. Maybe there's a sweet spot where your sensation goes away (like driving a car with an open sunroof - at a certain speed there are some funny wind interferences inside the car but once you speed up they're gone).

Not sure if I am talking bollocks here ;-)

AZ said...

Thanks for the advice. I did try running a little faster but it seemed to get worse and affected my gait. Didn't seem like I could stride out as much as I needed to. I went out and bought a knee wrap and that has helped a lot. At least I've been able to get out a little the last couple days.

Keren_m said...


How are you now? I was counting on racing you at the TELL 10km. But best to be careful and I am trying to avoid such injuries myself.

AZ said...


I was hoping the same thing for TELL. I guess you'll have to pick on someone your own speed now. We'll match up one of these days.