Mar 5, 2007

Nuts and Bolts

With my last few posts you have seen the recent marathon influence on my running. It does have an addictive sort of nature. Or maybe I do. But now, after providing you with that history, I'll dive into the nuts and bolts of my training. Actually, I won't exactly be doing it "now" because I'm still in the recovery phase from the Tokyo marathon. At least that's my excuse for my low mileage weeks and relaxed pace.

However when I do resume serious training in a week (or two) I've decided to use the plan of attack outlined by this Frank Horwill article on training. I am basically the example he uses, therefore my workouts will be those he outlines:

*200's in 37 seconds to exhaustion (unable to run 200 in 37 seconds) with recovery of 90 seconds declining by 15 seconds each interval and then back up to 90 seconds and repeat
*4 x 2000 in 7:30 with 60 second recovery
*8k in 33 minutes
*16k in 69 minutes

Quite honestly all of these workouts sound difficult and fast for me. The 200's will be doable because it doesn't give a set amount so maybe I'll just end up being able to do 4 or 6 or 10 of those. The 2000's sound more difficult with the short recovery but I'm confident on being able to do those too. As for the 8k, I've recently run a 10k at a pace faster than that so I should be able to accomplish that one too. Finally I've recently run a half marathon at a pace faster than that of the 16k so I should be able to do that one. At least my recent performances give me confidence going into these workouts, however they still sound hard. Also I plan on adding a fifth workout to my week. Probably hills or another tempo run similar (but not as fast) as the 8k run.

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Ingo said...

Hey AZ! Didn't know you were active in Blogland! We must have started blooging around the same time. In fact, you were one day ahead of me.

I'll read through the article you mentioned but on first sight the 200's may well tier you apart (at least they would have this result on me).