May 8, 2007

TELL 10k

The TELL 10k last Saturday turned out to be a hot and hilly affair. But then I knew that going in and so I wasn't expecting a very fast time. Still I was hoping for a decent time and since the first kilometer is downhill I went out a little bit fast, 3:53. After that came a long hot, sunny stretch that made me realize I was going to have to slow down. the 4th and 5th kilometer being uphill, were even slower. I finished in 43:36, 4:36 per k. I suppose given my recent training that is about where I should be. Now the goal will be to step up the training in order to be able to step up in the races.

This weekend is a half marathon. When I originally signed up I had high hopes for an attempt at a PB. But since my knee started acting up those hopes went out the window. Now I'd just like to stay under 1:40 and would be happy to stay under 1:35. Anything better would be like an extra present at Christmas. Anything worse would be grudgingly accepted as a sign that continued work is needed.

Finally I'm able to state that I believe my knee is fully recovered. Mentally I'm still a little wary of it but I've been trying to pick up the pace during recent workouts with no negative impact (so far). However it seems that with the fading of the knee injury, the hamstring tightness/pain is coming back into the forefront. Maybe because of the increased pace? I am trying a new stretching regimen though and hoping that will help. If not the next step is massages. Now that sounds good.

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Bill G said...

How is the stretching going? Does it seem to be helping? One of those things I always intend to do more of and never do.