Sep 1, 2009

A Run in the Park

We were going to the Great Minnesota Get Together today so I had to get out for my run a little earlier than normal. Not so bad, just a bit before 7 AM. But since it was earlier than normal I didn't have chance to eat breakfast. So I did take a gel before the run because, as a contrast to my long, slow runs, I need some energy to do my marathon paced runs. I always like doing my MP runs because I know they get me in my top physical shape. All my PB's from 5k up to the marathon have come within marathon training cycles that I was in the midst of doing MP runs.

So today I got out and after a two mile warm up I picked up the pace. Kind of hard at first to dial into a 7:10-7:15 pace since I've only been running faster or much slower than that. In fact I never really comfortably got the pace but part of the reason for that was the route I chose. I went to a regional park that has a 3.35 mile track around a lake and through the trees. Very nice except that it is deceptively hilly. I say deceptively because I think the hills are bigger than they look and there are more of them than there seems. Does that make sense? Anyway, constantly going up and down makes the pace difficult. But since the Marine Corps marathon is fairly hilly those first 8 miles I think it is a good route to run. Anyway, I ended up doing 8 miles at a 7:10 pace. Something I think I can build on.

All in, 10 miles at 7:28 pace.


Glenn Jones said...

That's a great run and a great pace to hit - especially since you got it when rolling out of the sack!

Jean said...

I definitely understand the concept of "deceptively hilly!" That is some really good running, AZ. Awesome pace, keep up the excellent work, and continued success with your training!

lindsay said...

sounds like a good run! do you jump right into the gmp miles or give yourself a mile or two to warm up?

i've been following jack daniels for this current round of training and now that i am over half-way through, i am thinking it's weird to not have much goal mp running! mostly threshold, which kills me. (but hopefully is also making me stronger)

AZ said...

Lindsay, I always do a warm up for a couple miles. Sometimes a warm down too but not always.

Hard to argue with JD. Also hard to argue with your results, you seem to be running well lately.

Beth said...

Glad you had a great run. Hope you got some good eats at the State Fair? My personal favorites are the brownie and the woodfired pizza. Yummy!