Sep 20, 2009

Technical Difficulties

I hope nobody got up and tried to watch the Berlin marathon because Universal Sports was having its problems. When they finally got around to showing the race it was tape delayed by about an hour and since I was following the race on an live commentary, it wasn't really interested. I should have mentioned that Ryan Hall was running the Philadelphia Distance Run and that it was covered live at At least you could have watched that and it was on at a (more) reasonable time, 7:30 AM in the East. Anyway, Haile Gebrsalassie went on to win the Berlin Marathon in a pedestrian 2:06+ and wasn't really challenged. After setting some incredible splits through 30k he slowed, likely from the heat. In other news, Ryan Hall did win the half marathon in Philly in 1:01+. This was just a tune up race for the NYC marathon next month.

As for me I was hoping not to have any technical difficulties because I had a little incident with my left knee on Friday. The incident involved rollerblades, our dog, Hiroo, and the curb. Luckily I was able to land on the grass and the bruising was just superficial so although it hurt, it didn't bother me to run. I was trying out a new route for running but familiar from biking and now I know why I don't run it; the hills toward the end are killer. Killer I say. They really put a stop to my forward motion but the run did go better than last week and I didn't do any walking.

All in: 19.43 @ 9:03 pace.


Glenn Jones said...

Thanks for keeping me sane this past week! Based on my last couple of days, the cold is a thing of the past - now it's just taper madness!

And for the record - I think running with a group is great - as long as the runner had the discipline to maintain his/her training plan and ignore the group if necessary....

lindsay said...

yeahhh i didn't get up to watch... decided i should have a night of uninterrupted sleep! i did check up on it first thing in the morning when i did wake up though.

glad your knee isn't banged up and nice job on working the hilly long run!

Beth said...

Glad you escaped the rollerblading incident without serious injury. I can't wait to watch the NYC marathon.