Sep 11, 2009

Bloggers Are Motivational

There are a lot of running bloggers out there. Of course anybody who is reading this doesn't need me to tell them that as they likely follow/are followed by more bloggers than I'll ever have. But all you have to do is pick one or two and then they link you up with several more and it just multiplies from there. This is motivating to me. Knowing that there are so many people out there running every day, fast and slow, always striving for more, getting better. I like that.

I'm not really having any trouble with motivation now but that still doesn't mean I'm getting the job done satisfactorily. I'm beginning to think that my standards are too high at this point in my marathon cycle. I was hoping to come off my month of speedwork in August and move right into long marathon-paced runs. What I'm finding out is that sure, the speedwork helped my speed but it really didn't do much for my stamina. So I'm really second guessing the decision to do that versus building up the marathon-paced runs from short to a decent length right now. Marine Corps is still six weeks away, four good weeks of training, eight chances for marathon paced runs. Ideally at least six will be from 10-12 miles; but at this point I wouldn't be disappointed if only four are.

As for today, 8 miles at 7:10. Not bad but not good when you consider that I took a little break after 5 miles and the last couple miles my HR was higher than I usually let it get for these runs. Oh, I did decide to run on the treadmill today. Like Lindsay, sometimes I just like to run on it even though it is nice outside.

All in, 10 miles at 7:30 pace.


Megan said...

That is a great effort, regardless of what you had set out to do. I have since stopped using my heart rate as an indicator of performance. There are too many confounding variables that can make or break a run: the heat, the wind, what I ate the night before. Some days I'm on, some days I am not. You have to remember that everyone- even professionals- experiences both good and bad days in training.

Mel Ashline said...

Love your post!! It is absolutely true and very helpful to read about how other runners are doing! The ankle is great, lots of icing and rest this week and I'm having no issues. Totally ready for tomorrow! Thanks!! Happy Running!!

lindsay said...

oh i am all about reading the running blogs! and thanks for the link :) glad to know i'm not the only one who sometimes "prefers" the treadmill. somedays it's still quite boring though, of course.

i am having similar doubtful thoughts/questioning myself and my training. i think this cycle has been too long (24 weeks). next time i will definitely stick to a shorter one.

8 at 7:10 is good, and even though you took a break - you know you probably wouldn't do that if you were running in a race environment. is there a 10-miler or half you can sign up for and practice your marathon pace in? i know i find my threshold/marathon paces MUCH easier to maintain in a race than when i am running on my own.

Karen said...

so true... it is just a big chain of running inspiration. I have heard the MCM is a fantastic race. Sounds like you are well on your way to a great finish!