Aug 15, 2010

Again I Tri'd

You know, I really need to start training if I'm going to keep doing all these triathlons. The problem is, even if I only swim or bike once every 2 weeks, I can still finish comfortably. Sure I'm slower than I would be if I trained but I guess I'm too lazy to do that. Actually that's not entirely true. I would definitely train more if the kids were in school. A few more weeks I guess.

The tri I did a couple weeks ago was weighted toward the bike and the next had a longer run. Well this one had a longer swim, 800m versus 400m. Nothing that would trouble me but not good since that is probably my weakest event (could be the bike too, cuz I'm not so swift on that either).

Besides the training I was sufficiently prepared behind the 8 ball in other respects. I spent last weekend at a cub scout camp with my son complete with nutritious plenty of food and old canvas tents. Think of a mosquito breeding ground in a greenhouse. Ever since I've been feeling under the weather. Then yesterday the family went to the county fair which means lots of walking around and lots of fried foods. Meh, if'n I was serious about these I'd be better prepared so it's all just for fun.

It's pretty normal for me to question why I do endurance sports when I stand in the early morning chill waiting for the race to begin and today was no different. Well, maybe a little different; I was freezing my ass off. The wind was pretty cold and was mucking up the lake too. The start of the race brought relief from the cold since the water temperature was actually higher than the air temperature but also caused breathing problems. Seems like every few times I tried to breath I caught a mouthful of a wave. Not just a little, a MOUTHFUL. It's hard to swim/cough/burp/breath all at the same time and underwater. Try it once. Also the wind and waves conspired to blow me off course by several thousand meters (at least). Relieved I was to finish the swim in 22 minutes. Yes already, I know I'm slow.

The bike portion solved my breathing problems but not the wind. But what are you going to do? (Bike more readily comes to mind.) I took one gel on the bike. Usually I take two but I just couldn't force myself to do it this time. Just couldn't handle the nasty wad of sweet stuff in my mouth again. My bike was just a bit slower than the ride I did two years ago on this same course on a 20 year old 10 speed. Yes, I was riding my state-of-the-art, carbon fiber triathlon bike this year. So what was the difference? Try the engine.

I took off on the run forgetting my race number and having to retreat for it, obviously that cost me several hours seconds. I fell into my 7:45 pace that I've been hitting lately and that lasted for two miles. I finally figured out that, for some reason, I've been afraid to push things. Afraid I'd blow up on the run. So I just decided to push it and see what happened; it was only a mile or so anyway. I finished that last 1.1 at 7:16 pace so I was happy with that. It's either be happy or cry and since I'm such a manly man crying is not an option. What I wasn't happy with was coughing up a gallon of phlegm every few hundred yards. What was that I said about a nasty wad?

At the end of the day I once again realize why I do endurance sports and why I'll continue to do them in the future. Already looking forward to the next one.

8/11 9 miles at 8:50ish
8/12 1,200m at 2:27
8/14 3.33 miles at 9:00ish (full affects of the cold)
8/15 Lake Marion Triathlon


lindsay said...

lol. way to go az! just think how'd you do if you really trained. :) sure doesn't sound like you are bad at these at all, even if you are 'half-assing' them. enjoyed all the humorous blips throughout!

i always question myself on race mornings. i don't know if that will ever be outgrown.

San said...

"It's hard to swim/cough/burp/breath all at the same time and underwater." LMAO

This is really funny you are in some kinds the exact opposite from me. It's exactely on race morning that I know why I do endurance sports (ahem not that it happened once in nearly two years). Somehow the race energy and excitement of all the athletes around gets me. And in the training I constantly have to remind me of those race day feeling to not stop on the spot, sit down and wait for someone to pick me up (which happens often on the last km when I train alone).

And forgetting the racenumber? Could be me.

"It's either be happy or cry and since I'm such a manly man crying is not an option." You do realize that it doesn't count when you call yourself manly?! *snicker*

Have a great new week with breathing over water. (I highly recommend it. ;-)

SDrunner said...

Even if you didn't train, at least you still completed the Tri. I still need to practice swimming and biking more before I could even begin to consider doing my first Tri. Great job on your's though!

Beth said...

Yes, I guess manly men don't cry. It's hard to run when you are crying- trust me, I've tried. Sounds like the wind is also to blame for your lack of improvement in the bike. It can make a huge difference. Congrats on your race and sticking with the tris. I hope you are feeling 100% soon.

Glenn Jones said...

Way to go AZ! I'm with lindsay on the training. You would be awesome! At least you're having fun, and that's really what it's all about.

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