Jul 25, 2010

Race Report(s)

Time to get writing on a few race reports. Not exactly what you think though because most of them aren't for me. Yes, once again I turn proud parent to tell you about the exploits of my children.

A couple weeks ago I gave my son a choice between a nearby kids triathlon, a little farther away 5k or a much further away 10k (with a 12 and under age group). He chose the 10k, hoping to bring home the gold. It was another warm morning on a very hilly course but he was able to finish just 90 seconds slower than his last time at 63:30. Unfortunately he there was another boy in his age group that ran the 10k too and beat him (I must say he looked older). So, he took home the silver.

Then, last Saturday both my kids took part in a triathlon. The swim was not so much of a swim since the water was only about waist deep for all the kids. Most ended up running/diving/half swimming there way through the water. The swim could be a strength for my son if it were done in a fashion that really resembles a triathlon. My daughter not so much. In fact she was quite near the end of the 7 year old group exiting the water but she did have a smile on her face; made me happy. My son seemed to do okay on the bike but my girl just looked like she was out for a ride in the neighborhood. She just cruised around the course, pedalling away but not exerting too much. On the run though (that's their specialty) they were both working real hard. I was cheering them on, urging them to pass the people just in front of them. The smile was gone from my daughter's face, but only until she finished. My son finished 5th in the 10 year old boy category and my daughter finished...First! We were so surprised and never would have expected it (see swimming and biking portions). In fact we didn't even wait around for the awards but just saw the results when we returned to pick up my race packet. I think the key is fast transitions, doesn't take any time at all to put crocs on. So I'm still beaming today, for both of them.

I do have a race report of my own to write. I did the sprint triathlon associated with the kids event. It was just a short 400 yard swim followed by a longish (by sprint standards) 22 mile bike and then a 5k. I was hoping to get through the swim in about 9 minutes but it was closer to 10:30. I don't know, I'm just a slow swimmer? Not enough sighting? Too wide a route around the turn? Probably all of the above. Luckily it was a pretty short swim. My transitions were way slow because I had terrible bike placement in the transition area. I guess that's what I get for signing up the Thursday before the event.

The bike went pretty well. The one nice thing about going off in the last wave is that I was able to pass more people than passed me. So there were a lot of people already out on the course, I was able to pass a lot of them but because it was so crowded sometimes I couldn't help drafting. I kind of fell into a group of four, one guy from my wave, one guy from the wave 2 minutes in front of us and a very fit, very fast woman. We cruised along, passing a lot of people and taking turns in the lead. I know, kind of illegal but it was pretty crowded and hard not to be around other people. First the other guy from my wave dropped, then the other two got away from me. There was a short grass section to get back to the parking lot and coming out of there another cyclist bumped my shoulder. This was right at the end of the bike so even if he passed me he could only get a few second lead before we transitioned. Stupid move. Averaged about 20 mph on the bike, not bad, not great.

On the run I was passed by the guy who bumped me but then caught him again when he started walking. He passed me again but I caught him and told him I was going to beat him if he walked anymore. Turns out he was a young guy in his first triathlon and the run was his worst event. I decided to talk him through it as much as I could talking about fueling up, stuff on the course, whatever was a distraction. I was able to pull him through about 2.5 miles until he couldn't take it any more and had to walk. I kept on going but saw him at the end. I finished the run in 23:58, 7:44 average pace. Overall, the race was pretty middling which is where my training has been lately so I can't complain. I really wasn't enthusiastic to do it before the race but I drew inspiration from my kids and how hard they worked the day before. I did have a lot of fun with the tri so I'll be back for more.


Beth said...

Congratulations to everyone on their races! You did fantastic in your triathlon and it's nice that you were inspired by your kids. Your son had a great 10K time, too.

Julie said...

Hi Az,
Wow, your kids are super stars! hey both did amazing and you must be so proud!

Enjoy your week!

Glenn Jones said...

Nice to hear from you AZ! Way to spend some real quality time with the family. Congrats on your races. Sometimes its the small ones that bring the fun back to training.

Karen said...

Yay family! I love that your daughter was just cruising along enjoying herself and comes away with an age group win. How cool is that?

Adam said...

Wow, that IS a long bike ride for a sprint tri. But, I'd take that over a long swim any day. nice work!

Meg said...

Wow, a silver is still wonderful, you should be proud of your son! Congrats on your races too!