Jul 14, 2010


Ways an open water swim is better than swimming in the pool:

No chlorine smell
Out in the great wide open (kind of like running outdoors versus on a treadmill)
Better simulates race conditions
Not swimming in kiddie pee

Ways swimming in a pool is better than an open water swim:

Don't need a boat escort for safety
Nice little blue line to follow, no need for sighting
Much more convenient to get to the pool than to a lake
Not swimming in fish pee

I'm sure triathletes will give you more. These are just a few I was thinking about a couple weekends ago when I got in a couple good swims in both conditions. Also ran and biked that weekend but haven't done anything since. But I'm kind of sort of feeling my motivation coming back around.

7/2 1,000 meters in the pool at 2:23 or so per 100
7/3 10k at about 7:47 per mile
7/4 18.7 miles at about 18.7 mph (actually pretty good)
7/5 1,100-1,200 meters in Lake Wissota. 2:25-2:30?


Meg said...

YOUR comment really made me think...I NEVER sleep too well when I'm not running a lot either.
Stay away from the kiddie pee, you made me laugh out loud!

Jill said...

I'm sooo glad your mojo is slowly coming back!! One thing that freaks me about OWS, at least in a TRI, is the amount of arms and legs just flaring away - I'm so scared I'm going to get knocked out! And yeah, fish pee is disgusting, as is fish poo!

Julie said...

Hi AZ,
I think it is great news that your motivation is coming back! Clearly, you are Tri training and that is awesome:)

I sort of get grossed out swimming in both pools and lakes:) I know that it is silly but the whole pee thing has something to do with it:)

By the sounds of it....perhaps a Tri race report will be coming sometime soon:) I can't wait! Good luck Az!

lindsay said...

This wouldn't be a triathletes answer since they are brave, but pool > lake because no slimy, muckiness! Yes, I'm a wimp.

Glad to hear your motivation is coming back around. Guess you just needed to relax a bit?

Adam said...

I have yet to do this. Honestly, still a little tenative. Any tips?

Beth said...

Great job with your training. I like your list comparing the pool and OWS. Nothing beats OWS on a beautiful day in a clear, cool lake, but here in MN there aren't a lot of those days. The biggest thing is that I never OWS alone which isn't always easy to coordinate with someone else. But, buddy swimming is fun. :) Did you find a race to sign up for?

Glenn Jones said...

Great to see you kicking around AZ! You forgot about duck poop in lakes... Ha ha!