May 22, 2010

Doctor Visit

At your urging I decided to go visit the doctor. I called the clinic to make an appointment and as soon as I said "chest pains" the nurse wanted me to immediately go to the emergency room. I assured her that, as I had just recently completed a marathon and had no shortness of breath, it wasn't my heart. So she let me go to urgent care instead.

So it was pretty much listen to my lungs, listen to my heart, take some sort of blood oxygen level test and then tell me I had an inflammation. She stopped short of calling it pleurisy. Blah, blah,'ll take care of itself in a few weeks...yada, yada, yada...take some advil or aleve and see you later. Basically just what I was expecting. I think the more clever of you would be able to insert a humorous comment here but I'm choosing to be more cynical.

Anyway, chest still hurts, running still sucks.

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San said...

ouch. In my opinion, you should give your body the needed rest and don't run or at least even slower than this.

Take zinc, your body needs it to fight the inflammation.

Hope you recover fast.

Recipe will come this long weekend, sorry but my sickness seems to have had a bad effect on my brain.

Have a great and sloooooww weekend. Cheers, San

TokyoRacer said...

You have inflammation where? In your lungs? Well, I guess just real easy running until it gets better (which I hope will be soon).

lindsay said...

well i'm glad you went and it didn't turn out to be more serious.

hang in there dude. you'll pull through this rough patch!

Julie said...

Oh Az,
I am sorry to hear about your chest pain and infalmmation. I agree with a few of your other comments....maybe you should just rest for a bit:) Take care and stay positive:)

Psyche said...

You saw Dr. Obvious, I presume...

That really sucks, AZ!

But it WILL pass...and until it does, just do your best. Perhaps more strength work while your lungs heal..??

Beth said...

I'm so glad you got it checked out. Now you know what it is and I won't have to worry about you! :) I hope you feel better soon and that you have a great holiday weekend!

Anonymous said...

Oh..!!I suggest that you need to take a lot of rest for your recovery..I hope that you are doing good right now..And good luck to you.
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