Mar 27, 2007

Vacation Time

Sunday was very windy and raining when I first got up so I decided to take the day off. Especially with the way my hamstrings felt on Saturday, all tight and sore. That's been niggling me ever since TYO marathon. A little later in the day though I had to go get my son from his first ever sleep over and since the weather had lightened, I decided to take the long way around and have a little run. After returning home I decided that it felt so good that I wanted to go out again and so I did.

Since we go to Hawaii this evening (Woo hoo!) I definitely wanted to run this morning before relaxing this week. I decided to start doing some runs recommended to me by my friend and club mate, Steve. Last year while training for the Nagano marathon, he suggested I do some runs where I get my HR to 80-90% of maximum for 60 minutes. These worked very well and eventually evolved in to the marathon paced runs I used to train for TYO. So this morning I got out for 7 miles with the middle five at an average pace of 7:06/mile. Not bad, I'll take it although I would have liked to have gone a little farther before my HR started to drift up and my hamstrings begged to differ. Anyway, I think I'll stick to some of these runs until I feel up to tackling Mr. Horwill once again.

See you in a week or so, all tanned and rested.


Ingo said...

Have a good break mate and I think it's a good idea to take your mind off the Horwill stuff. Steve's advice is better than that.

And 7:06 is pretty good for a pre-vacation run! I probably wouldn't be able to focus on running the day I am leaving for a trip overseas.

Ingo said...

Just found this on harmstring injuries. Good read.

AZ said...

Thanks for the link, Ingo. Maybe the grade one strain. Not too serious though. Hopefully the rest I got last week will help.